Cogo reveals major price differences between operators in the scattered shared mobility industry




There are hundreds of shared mobility operators in Europe and, so far, it has been impossible to get an overview of their price differences—but that is about to change. Cogo is proud to announce the launch of the world’s most comprehensive price comparison tool for shared mobility. Cogo empowers users by allowing them to estimate and compare price and travel time from all operators and vehicle types, in one simple app.

There are roughly 300 million cars polluting Europe, and they are parked 95% of the time, revealing how inefficient and expensive car ownership is. This fleet could be reduced by one third if shared mobility were widely adopted; saving €33B in congestion costs and 460 million tons of CO2 emissions annually. However, the surge of shared mobility operators has created a fragmented market, where only 1 in 10 urban residents expect to use shared mobility themselves. Many consumers don't want to compromise their current level of comfort, while the surplus of apps has created confusion, amongst the market.

Cogo was created to make it easier for people to find environmentally-friendly shared rides around them. The app helps its users locate shared electric scooters, bikes, cars and mopeds from 190 mobility operators in 500 cities worldwide. Cogo is launching a price comparison tool where users can estimate the price and travel time across all operators and vehicle types in one app.

When we launched last year, we set out to give control to the users, and make shared mobility more accessible and transparent for everyone. Fast-forward by 12 months, and we have helped tens of thousands of users find environmentally-friendly rides through our extensive operator coverage across Europe. Our goal is to make it so easy and seamless to move around that shared mobility competes with the convenience of owning a private car. We’re excited to take Cogo to the next level and our new price comparison tool makes it as simple as a tap.

Robin Eriksson, Co-founder Cogo

Cogo now reveals that pricing in the shared mobility space is a wild west; where operators have the power, and users have no way to compare services without searching for their ride on each app. For example, riding from Nørreport to Nyhavn in Copenhagen is a 10 min bike ride, but can cost between €2,3-€4 depending on which operator users take - that's a  price difference of 75%!

EIT Urban Mobility is an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), created to encourage positive changes in mobility. By bringing key players together, it’s possible to dismantle fragmentation and move people around cities more efficiently, making these cities move liveable.

Peter Vest, Business Creation Manager at EIT Urban Mobility: Cogo is demystifying shared-mobility by including all operators in one place. This creates added value for users by locating the nearest shared vehicle; benefiting all stakeholders and growing the market further.

About Cogo:

Cogo search and compare prices of 190+ mobility operators for human or electric-powered scooters, bikes, cars and mopeds. Launched in 2020, Cogo has now one of the most comprehensive operator coverage in Europe and have helped tens of thousands of users in over 100 countries to find environmentally-friendly shared rides. Cogo is available in ten languages (Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish) and can be used in over 500 cities worldwide. Cogo is free to use and can be downloaded to iPhone and Android. Cogo gathers shared rides for frictionless mobility and a better tomorrow.