About us

Cogo gathers shared rides for frictionless mobility and a better tomorrow

We include shared electric scooters, bikes, cars and mopeds from more than 300 mobility operators in 700 cities worldwide. The app is available in multiple languages and can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

Cogo was started in Copenhagen, one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. The enormous cityscape of well-paved bike lanes made it the perfect place to introduce shared bikes, combined with the new megatrend of e-scooters, electric cars and mopeds. This strong challenger of easy and simple alternative mobility to car ownership, quickly became cluttered and fragmented with hundreds of mobility operators across Europe.

We are providing users a seamless platform that gathers all shared mobility operators in one app, making it easier to choose shared mobility. ​The name Cogo is a reminder that sharing is caring, and a reference to where we began. It’s a gentle reminder that only by working together can we improve the cities we live in. We gather shared rides, making it simple and easy to move around. Helping our users “just go”. We are Cogo. We believe that creating sustainable cities is one of the most important issues that we have to solve in our lifetime, and Cogo helps unleash the full potential of green shared mobility to support this transition.

Awards and nominations

Finalist Slush 100 Pitching Competition 2021

Winner Newcomer of the year 2022

Winner Startup of the Year Copenhagen 2021

Top Travel Startups and Companies Denmark 2021

Finalist Techcrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield 2023

Winner Best cleantech startup 2022

Winner Micromobility Industries Rider's Choice Awards - Best mobility app 2023

The team

Martin Røssell

Co-founder & CTO

Bibi Blomqvist

Co-founder & COO

Robin Blichfeldt

Co-founder & CEO

Pia Vemmelund

Board member

Thomas Weikop


Jens Willumsen

Board member

Yngvi Karlson

Board member

Pia Vemmelund

Board member

Sven-Eric Nilsson

Private investor

Andreas Petersson

Private investor

Per Rasmussen

Private investor

Johan Elwin

Private investor